Reasons Why DIY Electrical Work in your home could be Dangerous

Many homeowners are self-assured in their abilities to complete tasks. When it comes to working with electricity, however, one of the most common causes of house fires is improperly installed wiring by DIYers. DIYers do occasionally buy older houses to refurbish. Wiring in older homes may be obsolete or incorrectly built. If this is the case, you should contact a professional electrician as soon as possible. Electricity has the potential to kill. Homeowners with only essential home repair expertise should not attempt electrical projects. At the very least, consult with a licensed electrician. Saving money by doing it yourself could endanger your entire family and home.

Below are some dangers you could encounter when doing DIY Electrical projects yourself:


1. Fire Hazard 

Fire Hazard


Overheating, sparks, and worse: a house fire are all common DIY electrical mistakes caused by an overloaded circuit, improper connections, the inappropriate gauge of wire used (and more).


2. Electrocution



When we hit our thumbs with a hammer, we can usually recover, but working with electricity does not always provide the same opportunity. It's possible to have potentially fatal results if you connect the wrong cables or don't make sure the current is turned off.


3. Expensive Repairs

Even if you get it through the process without starting a fire, it can fail if the wiring isn't done correctly. You'll have to employ a professional anyhow, so you might as well spend your DIY money on a professional up front.


4. Outdoor Electrical Danger

A ground-fault interrupter button is required if an outlet is installed outside. If there is any water, this will trip the outlet. Many DIYers are unaware of this, and this oversight can be costly and dangerous.


5. Overestimating Skills

Even the seemingly effortless act of replacing a light switch or outlet can go awry. Wires can move around in a loose outlet, arcing and overheating.


6. Improperly Labelled Breaker Box

You may sustain an injury if the current to a room is turned off because the lights are turned off. It's even riskier if you start working on cables that are still alive.


7. Putting in the Wrong Products

Were you doing DIY electrical work in an unprofessional manner? You most likely have no idea what kind of wires, outlets, or switches are installed. Using the incorrect product can result in significant issues. When it comes to electrical work in your home, it's preferable to hire a professional the first time. This can help you avoid making any of these costly and risky errors.


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Below is the list of 5 Electrical jobs you should call the professionals on and should not do by yourself:


1. Altering Power Cables


power cables


 If you approach these without prior experience, you're asking for trouble. The explosive consequences of arcing current and related fire or flames are frequently the sources of injuries arising from damage to "live" power wires. In Ireland, many structures employ wood for barriers while concealing power lines within the walls. If improper connections or overloaded wires allow a higher than allowed current to get through, a fire can break out, engulfing the entire building. Only qualified technicians can anticipate current and future needs to prevent the wire from overheating and catching fire.


2. Junction Boxes

junction boxes


If you want to avoid being electrocuted, make sure the power is switched off and stay away from junction boxes. Do not touch any damaged or naked wires within the box unless you want to get shocked. Additional checks must be carried out, especially when multiple contractors are working on a job, to ensure that all potential dangers are eradicated. The Junction Box reroutes energy throughout the property, and some critical element that protects the building's future safety must be installed, such as if power is lost due to malfunctioning electrical equipment.


3. Electrical Rewiring 


Electrical rewiring


 This task causes the majority of fires due to poor wiring, and it must be done correctly. Many people attempt to do this job themselves but fail horribly. Yes, rewiring a 1,000 to 3,000 square foot property saves between €8,000 and €15,000 in energy costs. All rewiring work must adhere to the Electrical Code of Practice and be completed by professionals with current certification. Illegal action can result in hefty fines and the cancellation of any insurance policies. As a result, could you not do it?

4. Handling Electrical Appliances 

 Allow a professional to repair your broken household appliances, but in many circumstances, it would be less expensive and safer to replace the faulty gadget, particularly extension cords. Current appliances sold in the European Union must have Energy Star ratings, making calculating yearly power consumption simple. Please evaluate how much money you can save by upgrading. It is possible for a fire to ignite if a poor connection begins to overheat. Always use dry hands, thick rubber gloves, and rubber-soled footwear when working with these appliances. Sweat poses an even more significant risk since saltwater conducts electricity more effectively than water with a low salt percentage.

5. Installing Switches

 Sockets and fittings will wear out over time and can be unsafe to handle even when switched off, so only an electrician should replace them. Even though it appears to be a simple process, checking for hot wires, shutting off the power at the main circuit panel, and then holding the top of a non-contact voltage detector near each of the screw terminals to ensure the power is turned off entails a lot of work. The technician may remove the switch from the box by unscrewing it and pulling it out. The only reason qualified professionals can accomplish their jobs is that they have vast expertise and tools that allow them to work safely. 
Bottom Line

 Don't mess with the electrics. Anything electrical in your home that must be addressed should be left to the pros. Not only are you risking electrocution, but tampering with the cables beneath that shaky plug socket could also cause havoc with your home's electrical system.

Everyone wants to save money, but doing electrical repairs on your own can cost you more money in the long run if you take matters into your own hands. If you don't know what you're doing, even something as easy as installing a light bulb switch might go wrong. Due to inexperience and a lack of adequate equipment, what appears to be a simple undertaking might quickly become a nightmare. In the worst-case situation, if you rent a house where you do your DIY electrical repair, you could be held liable if something goes wrong and you don't have insurance to cover you.


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