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Fuseboard Tripping

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Fuseboard Tripping

The fuse board is the most important component of your entire home electrical system, controlling electrical output and ensuring safety. Here at Stillorgan Electrical Services, our team of experienced and qualified electricians provide a range of fuse board services to customers across Dublin and the surrounding areas.
From standard fuse board installations on new builds to fuse board repairs, replacements, and maintenance services, we do it all when it comes to keeping your fuse board functioning efficiently and safely.
As well as our standard fuse board maintenance services, we offer emergency electrician services for tripped and/or dangerous fuse boards, calling to your home and quickly fixing the issue to ensure your property is never left in danger or at risk of a fuse board fire.

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Immersion Tripping

It is likely that if your immersion is tripping that means immersion heater’s element is gone and needs replacing. The MCB detects the fault and hence the immersion trips.


Firstly, What is an immersion heater?


A well-protected steel tank is used by both cylinder immersion heaters and hot water heaters. The most noticeable difference between the two appliances is the thick insulation between the storage unit and the steel covering. Its purpose is to reduce heat loss.

The key difference is that immersion heaters employ electricity as a heat source, hence a heating element is located inside the cylinder.


How does an immersion heater work


A continuous flow of energy passes via the heating element, heating the water directly inside your tank. In addition, for your piece of mind, an internal or external thermostat regulates the temperature of your water, keeping it ready for use.

When you turn on a faucet, a cool, high-pressure stream of fresh water enters the tank, pushing the hot water out. As the temperature reaches a certain threshold, the water rises to the top of your cylinder, exactly adjacent to the heating element.

In terms of wiring, immersion heaters are often connected to your main power source. So don't worry if the power goes off; it will keep the warm water until you drain it.


Why does my immersion heater thermostat keep tripping?


This could be due to a faulty thermostat, loose wiring, parts could be corroded or a grounding problem. There could also be a burnt out heating element that could have caused your immersion to trip.