Stillorgan Electrical Services

Electric Heating

Keep your home Warm & Cosy with Electric Heating services from Stillorgan Electrical Services

Stillorgan Electrical Services

Electric Heating

Keep your home Warm & Cosy with Electric Heating services from Stillorgan Electrical Services

Electric Heating

Electric Heating is an energy-efficient and easily-controlled form of home heating that benefits virtually any home. As a team of experienced and qualified electricians, Stillorgan Electrical Services offers a range of electric heating installation, repairs, and maintenance services for all kinds of electric heating systems.
Whether you want to upgrade your existing heating system, install a heating system for the first time in a new build, or simply require repairs for an existing electric or storage heater system, our team is more than happy to help.
With years of industry experience and expertise in Ireland’s leading electric heating brands, we provide reliable and accurate services to keep your home feeling warm, comfy, and safe all year round. From smart heaters and electric stoves to traditional electric storage heaters, we collaborate closely with our customers to ensure we create a bespoke electric heating system that suits your individual needs.

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Storage Heater Replacement

Want to Replace your storage heater? We have got your back. Our experienced Electricians in Dublin provide efficient, reliable and cost effective storage heater replacement services. If you want to lower your electricity bills and ensure that your house is heated efficiently, Storage Heater Replacement are the way to go.

Why Install a Storage Heater

  • Lowers your electricity Bills

  • Provides Heat Immediately

  • They are fully Programmable

Storage Heater Repairs

We are the Specialists in Storage Heater repairs and our Electricians have the quickest turn around time to repair storage heaters. We understand that a storage heater that is not working is a major inconvenience and leave you cold as well. Moreover, removing a storage heater yourself possess risks and as experts we recommend our customers to not work on Storage heater yourself as there are chances of electrocution or other kind of self injury.

Our Expert Electricians will be out with you today and get your Storage heater back working

We specialize in the repair of all models of storage heaters, whether it's a defective switch, a faulty thermostat, or the storage heater elements are faulty.
When you call us, you may be confident that we will repair your storage or panel heater as soon as feasible and as affordably as possible.

Extractor Fan Installation

Extractor fan is important to prevent dampness, bad odoursand discolouration from steam in the bathroom. If your old bathroom extractor fan is not working, do no worry, our Electrician will be out to you soon and replace your extractor fan.

Why do you need an electrician to install an Extractor Fan?

An Extractor fan needs to ordered as per its installation area, movement rating, nose and switching capabilities. Thus making an error in buying a correct extractor fan is likely.

Moreover, an extractor fan can only installed by a Part P Electrician. Stillorgan Electricians will first check if there is appropriate energy supply to the extractor fan and if the installation area is secure enough.

So, if you are looking for Extractor Fan Installation, call Stillorgan Electricians

Offering a Range of Electric Heating Services, Including:

Offering a Range of Electric Heating Services, Including:

  • Electric Heating System Installation

  • Electric Heating System Repairs

  • Electric Heating System Maintenance

  • Electric Heating System Parts Replacement

  • Electric Stove Installation, Repairs & Maintenance

  • Electric Heating System Upgrades

  • Electric Heating System Retrofitting

  • Thermostat Installation & Repairs

  • Electric Heating System Replacements

  • Storage Heater Installation, Repairs, & Upgrades

  • Smart Heating System Installation, Repairs & Maintenance

  • Electric Heating Services for New & Old Systems